New Teens Room

Camping Bianya Valley this summer opened a new room, the Teens Room. Equipped so that young people can enjoy their leisure time. The creation of the new hall, which is integrated in the playroom downstairs has tables and chairs and also has a sound system which can connect smartphones or tablets and enjoy your favorite music

As of now, the facilities of Camping Bianya Valley have a new place where young people can entertain themselves and have fun.


Opened library!

On August Camping Bianya Valley's expands its offer with the new library-reading room. This dependence is designed as a space to enjoy a good book, where you can take a book to read or have chosen one that we put at your disposal.


This new Not a room together. This site aims to be a quiet, both to read and to study, or to work with the computer because the room features a public computer with Internet connection.


The reading room also has a terrace with chairs to enjoy reading outdoors when the weather permits.